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Complex Infrastructure Engagements

We understand the important role flexibility plays in your business. It's paramount to expanding your technical capabilities, arguably the number one factor in organizational growth. It is with this in mind that we integrate manageability, scalability and flexibility into each clients infrastructure. The result: a more cost-effective infrastructure solution that optimizes performance, reliability and uptime through the wired/wireless networks, servers and storage, as well as, your security infrastructure.

Infrastructure Audits

Expert assessment of data flow throughout your infrastructure provides valuable information needed to solve a problem, optimize an existing infrastructure, or create a new design and plan. Audits may be performed as needed or can be regularly scheduled to ensure optimization of your wired/wireless networks, servers and storage, as well as, your security infrastructure.

Proof of concept (POC)

Our state-of-the-art network laboratories give us a preview of how your network design will work in practical applications. We evaluate equipment and demonstrate how the design will function in the workplace before implementation begins. You will now have the ability to solve configuration and code problems on the front-end.

Infrastructure Design

Today's networks must be built for security, availability, and scalability.  Whether you are building a new data center or campus, augmenting an existing environment, or expanding operations to the cloud, our team of experienced network architects can help design your network to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Large Scale Deployments

We routinely work on customer projects that involve large scale deployments. Through automation tools we've created in house and our engineering talent, we are able to quickly stage, configure, test and deploy thousands of networking elements in short time frames while ensuring the minimal amount of outage for our customers.

Problem Resolution

There are three things about your network that are inevitable: It will grow. It will change. It will fail. More importantly, we know how to deal with these three inevitabilities. It encompasses gaining a detailed picture of your network while it is running properly. This pre-emptive approach allows us to isolate and solve problems within your network quickly and efficiently. As a result, you get less downtime and more optimal functionality.

Project Management

Utilizing our PMP-certified project managers, we'll monitor and manage all phases of network design and implementation, including cable plant, data center and large or distributed network installations and rollouts. With our help, your projects will be completed on time and within budget.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies allow us to provide you high level service that you can trust. Our 20 years of expertise allow us to put everything together to eliminate risk and increase efficiency.

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